Friday, 3 April 2015

Blogging hiatus

I haven't blogged about making HayleyWorld for months. This isn't because I haven't been doing anything to make HayleyWorld (although life has intervened and I am now a part-time, not full-time PhD student. Rather, the work I've been focusing on left me with little to add to the blog. Eliza remains fascinating, as does the relationship between her, William Hayley, and Thomas Alphonso Hayley's mother Mary Cockerell. I will also have more to add on the subject of first/third person, as I'm in the midst of a bunch of reading around it.

Mostly, I've been working with my development partners at Contentment towards producing a first prototype. And that's taking time, as – of necessity – it's a side project for them, and one that, inevitably, throws up a bunch of unexpected and unpredictable development issues that need tackling…

But, if I'm completely honest, those are excuses.

My brain simply doesn't come up with ideas for blog posts all the time (to be fair, it has one or two other things to focus on, so I shouldn't be too cross with it). However, yesterday morning it did, and a these will follow over the next few weeks, with the first coming soon after this one. Soon, in this instance, = an hour or so after this one. Unless I don't finish it before I have to go out and eat fish & chips with friends, in which case it'll = tomorrow. But you didn't want or need to know that, did you?

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